Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well, this is what's left of my 2007 RAV4. I was in an accident on 8/15/07. While driving down the freeway, I was slowing down for congested traffic and the lady behind me didn't notice (or was doing something else) and she hit me going full speed on the freeway. She knocked me into the car in front of me. My engine dropped out and my back seat was filled with glass from the back window. The car was not drivable and was "totaled" as per our insurance. Thankfully, I walked away with only a few bruises and emotional stress, but am otherwise OK. Robert and I are out looking for a new car now - it'll be another RAV4, as I am a testimant to how safe they can be during a full spead collision on the freeway!

The Zoo

Robert's mom and I at the Miami Metro Zoo.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tools of the Trade

Yeah, it's all finally official - here are the tools of my trade! Dr. K Diaz.

Happy Birthday Andy

July 31st was Andy's 24th Birthday. My brother has been staying with us since July while he's getting his feet on the groud here in Kansas. It's been great fun having him with us. I made hime a small cake and we got him presents. Fun! Happy Birthday. Make sure to make a wish when you blow out the candles.

Happy Anniversary

We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary July 21st, 2007. These are pre-dinner pictures. We ate at Plaza III - a fancy steak house. A glorious two years together.