Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Key Largo Snorkling

Now, how many people can say they swam in the ocean only a few days after Thanksgiving? That's why we love the Florida sun! Even though the water was a little choppy, we sure had fun looking at the brightly colored fish, the coral, and the vibrant sea life. I'm still working on my tan though... I think it'll take more than the few hours we were out there.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Carving pumpkins is something Robert and I always manage to have fun doing around Halloween time. Here is are pictures of Robert's pumpkin carving at a Halloween get-together we went to in NYC.

Palmyra, NY

Here are some pictures of Palmyra, NY. Robert and I took a trip upstate to take a vacation from NYC... and what a more beautiful place than this? The leaves were changing and it was so amazing. These pictures are from our hike around the Grove.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Haircut

Sporting my new haircut, with my sunglasses atop my head, Robert and I are ready to head out to explor more of the concrete jungle we live in!

Jared... our Nephew

Robert's brother's wife delivered a handsome baby boy about one month ago. Here are some pictures... Ah, the happy Uncle Robert!


While in Yuma visiting my parents, my Dad took Robert and my brother out to the shooting range where my Dad showed Robert how to shoot various types of guns and rifles. Dad says Robert is turning into a good shot, with a little more practice he'll be "right on target"!

Yuma Proving Grounds

Robert with my sister sitting on a World War II army tank at the Proving Grounds in Yuma. Robert being the "man in charge", handling WWII artilery.

River Fun

A picture of Robert attempting to knee board. Unfortunately, he was never able to get up and spent more time under water than on top. A picture of Kate, my sister, soaking up some sun.
My, waving to my sister as I push our boat back from the sand bar that we played on.

Doggy Time

Here is Robert trying to take a nap - and he has found company. My parent's two dogs have found a new friend to lay with.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The National Mall

Here is Robert and myself enjoying the sunshine (after too many days of rain) out on the National Mall.

My Monkey

We went to the National Natural History Museum and Robert managed to find something that looked like him.... Who needs a pet? I have a monkey!

Jefferson Memorial

Overlooking the water, here is the Jefferson Memorial. Robert standing in front of the Jefferson Memorial showing off his muscles.
Thomas Jefferson statue standing in his memorial.
Beneath the memorial there is a museum of Thomas Jefferson, a place to truly learn a lot about a wonderful man.

The White House

Here is a picture of the White House and a picture of Robert and myself standing outside. There were so many people from all over the world taking in the sites of the White House. It's neat to be in the place where the leader of the free world - the United States - lives.

WWII Memorial

As we walked down the National Mall we came to the World War II Memorial. Each State is represented here... Here I am in front of Arizona! And then in front of New York.... our current home!
And Robert in front of Florida.
This is what the memorial looks like. It's really amazing.

Lincoln Memorial

The next stop on our trip was the Lincoln Memorial. Here is Robert sitting on the steps at the Lincoln Memorial. It's practically a requirement after climbing all these stairs. Plus, the view over the National Mall makes the break so beautiful.
You know who this is...
Robert and me standing at the Lincoln Memorial looking over the National Mall.

Arlington Cemetery

Our Trip to Washington DC started with a trip to the Arlington Cemetery. Roberto standing in front of rows and rows of gravesites for those who died bravely serving our country.
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The guard walks back and forth to honor this soldier.
When standing on top of the hill at the cemetery, you can almost see some of the D.C. monuments. The Washington Monument is the one you can see over my left shoulder.
Grave site for Presidenct John F. Kennedy and his family. An eternal flame burns there for all to see. Along with President Kennedy lies many important US figures.

Kristina's Birthday

For my 27th Birthday, Robert decided to take me out on the town... so off to downtown Manhattan we went. Here I am marking that first stop - in the middle of Little Italy.
Here, I mark the second stop on this wonderful evening... an authentic Italian restaurant where I had veal drenched in a lemon and white wine sauce. It was so good. Also, a picture of my handsome husband smiling back at me.Stop number three... the Magnolia Bakery, a place well known to Manhattaners for their cupcakes. What birthday would be complete without a cake or at least some cupcakes. Yummy!!!
Overall, what a great birthday celebration!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Lady Liberty

Robert with Lady Liberty seen over his shoulder.

Robert and I when we were walking around in Battery Park in lower Manhattan. Can you see the Statue of Liberty? It's so much fun to get out and see the sights!

Brooklyn Bridge

Robert and I have taken up running over the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturdays - a 2 mile adventure that gives us quite a view. But, before we actually started running the bridge, we decided to walk across and evaluate our new goal. So, here are some pictures from our trip across the Brooklyn Bridge. Robert with downtown Manhattan in the background. This is what you see about half way across the bridge.
Robert and I getting in some hugging as we cross the brige. You can see the Empire Sate Building standing tall in the background as well as the Manhattan Bridge. This is also about half way across the bridge.
The Brooklyn Bridge! Beautiful!