Saturday, June 23, 2007

New York City

After graduation, we spent three days exploring NYC - it gave Robert and I a wonderful chance to share exciting things from our previous home with my family.

The gang taking a much needed break from walking around downtown Manhattan. Andy... always goofing around!
Handsome men in front of the Brooklyn Bridge.
The Congo at the Bronx Zoo.
Mom and Dad in Little Italy, NYC. We ate a wonderful meal here.


Graduation was held in the Lincoln Center in New York City, NY. These are some pictures of us on that special day... Presenting Dr. Kristina Diaz....
The proud parents.

Moving to Kansas

The unfortunate thing about moving to a new place is the fact that you have to pack! This is a picture of Robert packing up our RAV4. We decided that if things didn't fit in either our RAV or Civic than it couldn't come with us. So, make it fit baby... As we neared Kansas City, we came across the arches in St. Louis. Here's a picture from the car.
Robert unpacking... a view from upstairs looking down at him bringing stuff up.
Yeah, that's me unpacking just two days after we packed up! Welcome home!

Beautiful People

The weekend before leaving Florida Robert and I went out to his parent's back yard and took some photos. Here are the pictures of the beautiful people.

Miami Zoo

Before leaving Florida for Kansas, we made a trip to the Miami Metro Zoo. It was a wonderful day - cool and sunny after a full day of raining - and the animals were very active. Overall, a wonderful day! Even though we are "grown up", does that mean we have to act like one?
My mother-in-law and me!


One thing I still have to get used to is the different cuts of an animal that my husband likes to eat. One of these things is tongue... here Robert is cleaning the tongue for cooking.... GROSS! And it smells when it cook...

Surprise Party

My amazing husband threw me a surprise graduation party to celebrate my medical school graduation. We had fun. Afterwards, we went bowling to continue the fun evening.