Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I passed

I never thought the day would come, but I passed my Medical Boards, and being that I live in a small town in Kansas, you know the news paper has to say something about it. Check out this link:

6 weeks to go

Almost, almost, almost there.... With 6 weeks to go, here are some pictures of me on our deck sticking out my belly for the camera!

Baby Shower #3 - Friends

The great thing is, that in Junction City, I have girlfriends that are pregnant and going through the same thing as me at the same time. In fact, they are my patients too! So that makes it extra special. The photo above is all the gals that came to my shower and the photo below is of my friend Savina who is due 10 days before me - and I get the honor of delivering her baby. As my shirt says "Baby's make the belly go round".

Baby Shower #2 - Work Shower

I guess when you spend you're time working and being social in different circles, you get many baby showers.... here are pictures from my baby shower from work! The gals sure treat me so well.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mom's Visit

It may look like any large lizzard, and coming from Arizona lizzards shouldn't scare me, but when it's running around your front room it's a squirmy thing to catch. On Saturday when mom came to visit, she went down to get ready and shower, she saw this bugger run across the floor. She and Robert spent some "quality" time chasing it around our basement and finally got it in this box while I stood at the stairs and could hardly contain my laughter as my mom would scream each time the lizzard ran. GET THE LIZZARD!
And then right before mom left, we took a picture of her holding her future grandson in my belly! It was nice to have my mom here to visit right before I become a mom!

Boots and Chap and Cowboy Hats

Robert and I went to the Hospital Foundation Dinner called "Boots, Chaps, and Cowboys Hats". They served Angus beef from the Angus farm in town to be enjoyed with funny-money gambling and dancing. Yee-Haw!