Monday, April 23, 2007


Well, I knew the day would come, but it's even better than I had imagined! I got my diploma! Finally! Here it is.... now that I have it, that must mean that I really did finish and they can't take it away!

Kansas City Trip

When we went to Kansas City to find an apartment, we thought we'd be spending the entire time looking. But, we found our perfect match and as a result, we were able to go out and experience some of the things that Kansas City has to offer. So, here are some pictures from our trip. This is a fountain in the Plaza area. Did you know Kansas City has so many fountains that only a few other places has more than they do? The tulips were in bloom. It was so beautiful.
These are the Jacobs. They helped us so much with looking for an apartment and getting around town. They were wonderful! We can't wait to see them again in June! They are old friends of Robert's parents from when they used to live in Kansas.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

This is Robert and I on the Ft. Lauderdale Beach. We went walking and enjoyed the sunshine - and each other's company. We'll miss the beach when we move to Kansas.


As is customary at Easter time since my childhood (must be my mom's faults) the eggs must be colored. So, here I am, late at night, making sure that the eggs get their coloring.

Michigan Trip

In March, my mother and I visited Michigan - after a long period of absence - only to be greeted with open arms from our family. While the purpose of our visit wasn't exactly pleasure (my aunt had passed on), we still managed to have some fun!
Here are some pictures of our time there. We sure had fun and I plan on returning really soon! This is Lake Michigan. One of my mom's favorite places to be. It was so beautiful.
It can't be all serious... so we had some fun goofing off as well.

My cousin John and his wife Mary. John and I are extra special, we were born on the same day - so we can refer to eachother as 822.
It just wouldn't be a normal Sunday if you couldn't get together for donuts after church!

I plan on returning sooner than later and bring Robert along so everyone can meet him.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Match Day

This is me, fully stressed and anxious, receiving my "intent" fax from The University of Kansas Residency Program. Whew, I wouldn't want to go through the residency match again for anything! This email was very important to us, as it "sealed the deal" of where we will be for the next 3 years. I start in June! Don't I look like I've had a hard week - all that wait and waiting will do that to you.

Dodgers vs. Astros

Well, how could I think that I could be married to Robert for 2 years and never go to Vero Beach, FL to see Dodgertown? I must be crazy! These are the pictures from our trip to the game. We went with my cousin Mikki and her husband Scott and their two children. We had a blast sitting in the outfield, eating hot dogs and drinking cold soda. We had fun - and I even got some sun!

Flamingo Gardens

These pictures are from our trip to Flamingo Gardens in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We took Madre, Rodolfo, and Karla with us! We were able to see many animals and also to enjoy the beautiful weather that only Floridian-January can bring.