Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland

When we woke up the morning after the ice storm, this is what we found outside our door. Isn't the tree beautiful? Even though the storm was horrible, nature left behind something beautiful!

Decorating the Tree

We got our tree December 1st, and we set it up the next day. I love the smell of the tree. Andy came over and helped us out!


Around Thanksgiving time, with the leaves changes, we went outside on our balcony to enjoy the view.

Hair Cut

Time to cut Andy's hair.... bye bye curls!


As is customary in our house, we carve pumpkins for Halloween. This ones is my pumpkin.... And this is Robert's... and he's even acting it out for you!


All that has to be said is "HOTTIE", and he's all mine!!!

Raider's Game

It's a funny thing, after Robert had surprised me with Garth tickets, he couldn't have imagined that I already had tickets to go to the Oakland Raiders vs. KC Chiefs game. He was so excited.And, to make it that much sweeter, the RAIDERS WON!!!

Garth Brooks Concert

After a VERY long and HARD day in the ICU, my wonderful husband surprised me with a ticket to go see Garth Brooks in concert! It was totally awesome!1 man, 9 shows, and I went to one of them! It was amazing and I sure sang the entire time!


After not seeing each other for almost 10 years, we were able to see the Vayda family. It's great knowing that they are so close. How did everyone grow up so fast?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Robert Being a Great Uncle

These are pictures of our nephew - Jared. Robert had a great time playing around with him and especially giving him a bath in the sink. Look at the smile on Robert's face.

Pebble Beach

What trip could be final without a trip to Pebble Beach? It was so wonderful. Plus, Robert got to use this new gift from my parent's - BINOCULARS!

Pacific Coast Hwy

We drove up the Pacific Coast Hwy to reach Robert's brother's house (Jeff). Here are some pictures of our trip on the way.

Herst Castle

Any long time fan of the movie "NEWSIES" knows who William Randolf Herst was. It was so fun to go see his castle. It was amazing. This is a picture from the indoor swimming pool.Outside in the garden.
The outdoor swimming pool. I would love something like this. I guess all you can do is dream.
The castle.


One of the days, Robert and I went to Disneyland. We had a great time. We loved returning to a place that held so many memories of our honeymoon.And we truly are living "happily ever after".
All Robert wanted was a sucker!
Smile crazy hair girl.

Dodgers Game

While in California, we of course had to visit Dodger Stadium. So, Robert and I treated the group to tickets. See that wall behind us? Thats the very top of the stadium, we couldn't get any further up. But, the good thing is that no matter where you are in Dodger Stadium, it's a great view - plus a good game!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well, this is what's left of my 2007 RAV4. I was in an accident on 8/15/07. While driving down the freeway, I was slowing down for congested traffic and the lady behind me didn't notice (or was doing something else) and she hit me going full speed on the freeway. She knocked me into the car in front of me. My engine dropped out and my back seat was filled with glass from the back window. The car was not drivable and was "totaled" as per our insurance. Thankfully, I walked away with only a few bruises and emotional stress, but am otherwise OK. Robert and I are out looking for a new car now - it'll be another RAV4, as I am a testimant to how safe they can be during a full spead collision on the freeway!

The Zoo

Robert's mom and I at the Miami Metro Zoo.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tools of the Trade

Yeah, it's all finally official - here are the tools of my trade! Dr. K Diaz.

Happy Birthday Andy

July 31st was Andy's 24th Birthday. My brother has been staying with us since July while he's getting his feet on the groud here in Kansas. It's been great fun having him with us. I made hime a small cake and we got him presents. Fun! Happy Birthday. Make sure to make a wish when you blow out the candles.

Happy Anniversary

We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary July 21st, 2007. These are pre-dinner pictures. We ate at Plaza III - a fancy steak house. A glorious two years together.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

New York City

After graduation, we spent three days exploring NYC - it gave Robert and I a wonderful chance to share exciting things from our previous home with my family.

The gang taking a much needed break from walking around downtown Manhattan. Andy... always goofing around!
Handsome men in front of the Brooklyn Bridge.
The Congo at the Bronx Zoo.
Mom and Dad in Little Italy, NYC. We ate a wonderful meal here.


Graduation was held in the Lincoln Center in New York City, NY. These are some pictures of us on that special day... Presenting Dr. Kristina Diaz....
The proud parents.