Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pool Time

Robbie really did have a fun time hanging out in the pool at my parent's house. He loves to splash, play, kick his feet, and float around. I can't wait until we move there and we can have our own pool. I hope he enjoys the pool as much as I do.

Trip to Yuma

Having fun with Grandpa!

Date time.

Playing with daddy... making music.

Playing around with Uncle Andy.

Robbie at the Park

Robbie, Mommy and Daddy went to the park recenty and here are the pictures that tell the tale

Friday, May 07, 2010

Boots and Chap and Cowboy Hats

Robert and I went to the Boots, Chaps, and Cowboy Hats dinner hosted by the hospital's Foundation. It was fun. We even lined danced a little! Yeee Haw! Isn't it beautiful?


Playing music on his new stand up table.
Ummm, son... can I help you find something?

Up close and personal with Robbie!

I'm going to get you....

No matter how high I stack something to keep it out of Robbie's reach, he ends up finding it!

A day in the life of Robbie

Robbie has Robert's affinity for shoes... oh no, I'm in trouble with that!
Robbie loves to look out the window.

More looking out the window.

Oh yea baby, I can pull up to stand and walk around furniture now!

Daddy gave Robbie his first trim.