Thursday, July 03, 2008

Kouji and Judy's Wedding

While on our vacationing trip, we also went to LA for Kouji and Judy's wedding. It was beautiful, up on the mountain top in Burbank.

Robert with his parents, two brothers and sister.

Dodgers Game

Robert and his cousin Karla organized a massive party to go to the Dodgers game. In fact, more than 40 family members attending the game with a few family friends. Can you imagine how crazy it was to get everyone in the cars and ready to go to the game? We had a great time though.
Robert and I with his aunt Loriel and her boyfriend Mario along with a family friend. While we were in LA for this trip, Loriel and Mario were nice enough to give us a place to sleep. We are very thankful for that.

Trip to Yuma

After moving to Junction City, we decided to take a trip back to my parent's house - here are some of those pictures. Above you will notice Robert shooting a rifle. This was one of the highlights for him and also one of the things he was most excited about. Now he wants to buy his own gun and take it hunting with dad for deer this October.

Dad took us both out to the desert in his new jeep (see it in the background?) and we also took the dogs out to run. It was fun.

My sister, Kate, and I. We look very similar. No confusing us as sisters. She has been doing so well in school she has taken pride, in fact, in being able to say that she is getting better grades that I ever did. Keep it up Kate.

My dad, sisters, mom and I.

Our Trip to Utah

In March Robert and I decided to take a road trip to see Cheryl, Robert's sister who lives in Utah with her husband. While we were there, we had fun exploring, shopping, and going four-wheeling at Josh's dad's house. Here are some of those pictures.

Rock Band Party

Robert invited some friends over for a Rock Band Party, and if you've never played this game you don't know how addicting it can be. These guys played until way past midnight, singing and playing.

Jesse James

This is the house where Jesse James got shot. He lived here for several years - in St. Joseph. Robert and I went to visit this landmark and had a fun time learning about the history. Can you see the bullet hole in the wall where the bullet passed through on the bottom picture?

Winter at Shawnee Mission Park in KC,KS

Robert knows he's hot - just look at him show it off.

When Robert's parents were here visiting, we went to the Shawnee Mission Park not too far from our house, and these are the wonderful views we saw. Christmas in Kansas City is very pretty and the funny thing is that even though there was snow on the ground, it really wasn't that cold.