Saturday, December 05, 2009

Home for Thanksgiving

My dad bought Robbie a Play House to play in when he gets older - but they decided to put it together the day after Thanksgiving. Here are some pictures from that.... Robert, proud of his "tools".
So happy playing in the play house.

Oh yeah, we are blessed with a happy baby.

Here's the house.

Just like his daddy - Robbie is admiring his Nike shoes!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Who's that cool kid?

Robbie the parasite

This is Robbie with his friend Sam
Mom wanted to dress Robbie up as a parasite, because that's what he was when he was in her belly

Can you read the name on this parasite?

Youngest Lakers Fan

Cool Hat kid!!!
So was he born a Lakers fan or did he learn it from Daddy, I think he was born a Lakers fan

Robbie Loves the Lakers!!!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Robert did a take on last year's pumpkin and made a "mad" pumpkin
Robbie's not sure he wants to help mommy carve her pumpkin.

Robert, posing with (and like) his pumpkin!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Suit

Robert actually got this outfit for Robbie's blessing - obviously it didn't fit him at 1 month old, but now it sure does. Isn't he so cute?

Tummy Time

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Residency Picnic

While at our residency picnic we were able to go to the pumpkin patch on a carriage pulled by these wonderful horses. I got 2 HUGE pumpkins.
I must have taken too long to find the right pumpkins because Robbie fell asleep on the way.

And, who ever heard of having a picnic in the snow? Who ordered the snow? It was beautiful though.

Robbie's first horse encounters.

Robbie likes to take walks

Have you ever seen a happier boy? He loves heading out for walks.

Asleep in the car sporting his newly made cap.

Robbie loves looking at the leaves on trees. He even tries talking to them - to his amazement they never talk back... or do they?

Latest pictures of Robbie

Dancing with mommy!

Watching sports with daddy.

I believe I can fly!

Neither one can fit their entire fist in their mouth, but they sure are trying.

Hello! Someone talk to me!

I'm so huggable.


Not quite as tall as daddy.

More dancing with mommy.

Looking like an inmate!

He loves talking to daddy!

Time to explore.

Learning about the world on a walk with daddy.

Sometimes I fall asleep on my walks.

I'm so cute.

Oh yeah!

More Yuma Trip Pictures

Enjoying the shade with Uncle Andy and Grandpa.

Exploring the water with daddy.

My two hot Roberts!

Just in case it rains inside... Robert is prepared.

You must always have room for a dog in your lap at my parent's house.