Monday, October 17, 2011

Residency Reunion Picnic

Pumpkin patch trip on a horse drawn carriage! I loved it... and so did Robbie.

Updated Family Pictures

While visiting some friends in Kansas, we decided to update our family pictures. They have great land with scenery and we thought this would be the perfect time to take some family pictures

Union Station, Kansas City, KS

When we arrived at Union Station, Robbie kept asking for Thomas. I kindly told him "Thomas doesn't live here, I don't think we will find him". Much to my surprise, around the corner comes Thomas. This was all it took for my son to have the best time! See below as Robbie face changes as he sees Thomas.

Here he comes...

This brought me such joy!

Our New Home

Our new home!
Fireplace view from our bedroom.
Front room view, and we are excited to have a fireplace!
Kitchen... granite countertops, nice new appliances, easy to cook and clean in.
Robert showing off our bedroom... I painted it this color, used to be sea blue (yuck).

Still no decorations on the wall when these pictures were taken, but you get the idea!
Dining Room.