Friday, December 31, 2010

Arizona v USC

On our way back from Naw'lins we took a detour to Tucson to go watch the USC v. U of A game. Kristina was sad cause her school couldn't keep up with USC. In the end only Robert was happy when USC won the game.

New Orleans

Taming Shamu

Go Robbie go

Robbie loves fish we that is his favorite thing to watch on TV so when he saw these in real life he was super excited
Cute guy, bet he could pick up lots of chicks
Riddin' the trolley with mom
Robbie loved eating the food in Naw'lins his favorite was the crawfish and breaded oysters


Scary family.......Boooooo!!!
I think he looks better than the real guy
With Scary Grandpa!!!
Super Robbie to the rescue

Thursday, October 28, 2010

5K walk/run in Denver

Made it to the finishline
We look so athletic

Only a few more feet left
Robbie rode on Daddy's shoulders the entire way

Denver Trip/ AAFP Conference

Is he cute or what?
Here is more proof
Yeah Gap should call us so they can hire him as a model
And this guy too.........

open wide

16th street in Denver

Robert's 32nd Birthday

Look at those guns!!!!

Robbie's favorite things to do

He loves playing with his truck

He loves reading his books

Weekend in San Diego

The View is great
Cute mom and son

Two handsome guys

Beautiful People
Robbie enjoyed the sand