Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Haircut

Sporting my new haircut, with my sunglasses atop my head, Robert and I are ready to head out to explor more of the concrete jungle we live in!

Jared... our Nephew

Robert's brother's wife delivered a handsome baby boy about one month ago. Here are some pictures... Ah, the happy Uncle Robert!


While in Yuma visiting my parents, my Dad took Robert and my brother out to the shooting range where my Dad showed Robert how to shoot various types of guns and rifles. Dad says Robert is turning into a good shot, with a little more practice he'll be "right on target"!

Yuma Proving Grounds

Robert with my sister sitting on a World War II army tank at the Proving Grounds in Yuma. Robert being the "man in charge", handling WWII artilery.

River Fun

A picture of Robert attempting to knee board. Unfortunately, he was never able to get up and spent more time under water than on top. A picture of Kate, my sister, soaking up some sun.
My, waving to my sister as I push our boat back from the sand bar that we played on.

Doggy Time

Here is Robert trying to take a nap - and he has found company. My parent's two dogs have found a new friend to lay with.