Wednesday, January 06, 2010

"Where would you like to go?" says Robbie! He got tired of being in the car on our road trip home to KS from UT. So he played around in the car with his daddy.Do you think 6 month old is too young to learn how to drive?The Arches in Moab, UT.
It was freezing outside but we wanted to finish the hike to see the arches.

The "Window" arches.

More family pictures

So up close, you can see that Robbie has my face shape, my hair, and my skin color. He has his daddy's eyes, nose and mouth. So cute!

And a picture of the two love birds....

Happy Family Pictures

Robbie LOVES being with daddy!
A little Robert!

We love eachother so much! A complete happy family!

Robbie likes to give mommy kisses - of course it's with an open mouth and plenty of slobber! Just like mommy likes it!

Santa Robbie

Robbie's so happy - he just wants to say HoHoHo!
Did Santa bring you what you wanted this Christmas?

Robbie and Cyan as Mr and Mrs Claus.

Robbie playing around with his daddy.

Robbie Shots

While at Robert's parent's house, we had the opportunity and pleasure of taking picture of Robbie. He is so cute! He loves to read. Give him any book and he knows what to do!
After a bath, Robbie likes to play in the towels before he gets a rub down with lotion.
Robbie with his beautiful cousin Cyan.

Robbie trying to open presents under the tree while mommy tries to grab him to stop him from doing so.
Look at the camera and smile!