Saturday, July 31, 2010


RRobbie was traveling and loved his Jamba Juice.

San Francisco

Watching the Sea Lions off the Pier.

We took Jared, Vivi and Robbie with us.

London Bridge

During our adventures, we stopped in Lake Havasu and visited the London Bridge. Man was it hot.

Falling asleep

Snuggling with mommy - and we fell asleep.

Hoover Dam

It's official... we can say we've crossed the Hoover Dam!

Robbie's first haircut

Robbie didn't like the haircut initially, but still loved playing in the car once it was all over.

Vegas Vacation

Welcome to Vegas, baby.
Robbie loved the sites at the Aquarium at Mandalay Bay.
There was a zero entry beach to play on at our resort. Robbie wasn't sure about it at first but loved it once he got used to it.
Shops at Cesar's Palace.

Hanging out at the pool at the time share hotel.
Playing with Grandpa.
On the strip.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Robbie's first birthday

Can you believe it? Robbie is ONE? Here are some pictures from his party. At first he didn't like the cake, but soon after he dug right in.

Robbie's first Dodger's Game

Robbie was all smiles after the Dodger's beat the Yankees!
Robbie learned the clap at the game... thousands of examples inspired him to follow.

Robbie and mommy.
The Diaz group.

Residency Graduation

Dr. Mace (program director) and I.
The Diaz family and Erin (my best girlfriend from residency)

KU Residency Picnic

Robbie loved seeing the horses.
Horse drawn carriage ride from our cars to the picnic!
I must admit, Kansas sure is beautiful. I will miss the beauty and the wonderful people there.

World Cup

He's ready for the World Cup - Go HONDURAS!

Lakers Win the NBA Championship

You knew we'd start him early on his Laker's fan gear and watching the games. As you see above, he wasn't happy staying up late to watch the final game. But below, you see, he was happy they won!