Sunday, October 21, 2007

Robert Being a Great Uncle

These are pictures of our nephew - Jared. Robert had a great time playing around with him and especially giving him a bath in the sink. Look at the smile on Robert's face.

Pebble Beach

What trip could be final without a trip to Pebble Beach? It was so wonderful. Plus, Robert got to use this new gift from my parent's - BINOCULARS!

Pacific Coast Hwy

We drove up the Pacific Coast Hwy to reach Robert's brother's house (Jeff). Here are some pictures of our trip on the way.

Herst Castle

Any long time fan of the movie "NEWSIES" knows who William Randolf Herst was. It was so fun to go see his castle. It was amazing. This is a picture from the indoor swimming pool.Outside in the garden.
The outdoor swimming pool. I would love something like this. I guess all you can do is dream.
The castle.


One of the days, Robert and I went to Disneyland. We had a great time. We loved returning to a place that held so many memories of our honeymoon.And we truly are living "happily ever after".
All Robert wanted was a sucker!
Smile crazy hair girl.

Dodgers Game

While in California, we of course had to visit Dodger Stadium. So, Robert and I treated the group to tickets. See that wall behind us? Thats the very top of the stadium, we couldn't get any further up. But, the good thing is that no matter where you are in Dodger Stadium, it's a great view - plus a good game!