Friday, February 26, 2010

Robbie gets his good Looks from His Dad here is the proof

Pictures from the Kansas Historical Museum.

Yes, I'm sure he knows he is making a huge mess...

But Robbie still loves eating carrots!

He shoots, he scores! He enjoys eating the basketball more than playing...
Just like his daddy, it's all about food and sports.

These too love taking naps together.

What do you think, does he have something on his face?
He loves to eat frozen mixed fruits in this mesh bag.

Check out his oriental outfit.

For all of you wanting more pictures

Back by popular demand and after multiple requests for more pictures of me.......well actually more pictures of Robbie, Enjoy our cute son!

Here Robbie is wearing his Chinese outfit abuela Lily gave him.

Isn't he a cute?

Robbie and Daddy taking a nap. Daddy was supposed to be watching Robbie but he fell asleep lucky for him Robbie fell asleep too.

Playing on the playground

Robbie loves the swings.
He sure loves to be pushed by daddy. Higher, higher!

Move food, more messes, more funny pictures.
Robbie loves eating frozen fruit Popsicles and after he is done he spreads the leftovers all over his face for a revitalizing facial. Our cute Lakers Fan
Here Robbie is trying Pho for the first time (for those of you who don't like to experience new things Pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup). He liked it so much he ate half of Mommy's soup.
Happy family
With uncle Jonathan. Robbie definitely doesn't get his good looks from his uncle.
More popsicle eating
Bath time
The aftermath of the popsicle. We learned our lesson quickly and ever since this happened we strip him down to his diapers to eat his popsicles.