Tuesday, April 06, 2010

He found it....

I guess we should be happy that he's been crawling for 2 months now and just found out how fun the toilet paper could be to play with. We weren't so mad because he found it at the hotel we were staying at in Kansas City, KS. Take a look at these pictures, he just knows he's being a trouble maker.

Robbie loves horses

I only wish the video camera could have captured Robbie's excitement towards the horses. He is so funny and really wanted to touch the horses.
Horses moving down the road towards the barn. We just happened to have stopped to see the horses in the pasture and they were letting them out to walk to the barn. They walked right past us. Robbie loving on another horse.

Day at the park

The weather was just too nice to pass up the opportunity to go outside for a day in the park. Laying with Daddy in the grass.
I'm going to get you....

Lunch time.... Yummy.

Mommy, come play in the grass....

Cool Dude

What do you think about Robbie's new glasses? He is so funny... he always wants someone else's glasses and if you give him his own glasses they just aren't cool enough.