Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Christmas in Utah

For Christmas thru New Years we went to Utah and visited Robert's familiy. First, there was a TON of snow falling the entire time we were there. The picture above is of the mountains right outside Cheryl's house. We celebrated Christmas at Cheryl and Josh's and then New Years at Robert's parent's new place.
I know, I look a little pale, but remember, I was still in my first trimester and puking all the time!

The happy Madson family! Santa treated us all very well!


For Thanksgiving we went to Yuma, AZ and visited with my family. We stayed for 5 days. My family hosted a mini family reunion and we had fun reconnecting with everyone that came.

Watch out - Robert has a knife!!!

Yup, it turned blue

We realize that this is a little corny - ok, a lot corny to have to look at the stick that I peed on to see that we were pregnant - but here it is! It's a life changing stick. We're 4 months along already and look forward to July when we can say hello to little Diaz!